Ag In The Classroom

Ag In The ClassroomIn 2006, Maui County Farm Bureau launched Agriculture in the Classroom. It has been growing ever since.

What it is: A 10-month series of in-class farmer presentations and on-the-farm field activities, titled Where Would We Be Without Seeds, centered around the life cycle of plants. Ag in the Classroom was originally developed for second-graders of any public, private, or charter school willing to participate.

Maui County Farm Bureau is willing to provide the AIC second grade presentation to its neighbor island farm bureaus or other agricultural associations working to raise awareness about agriculture in Hawaii. Please complete the form and submit.

Ag In The ClassroomThe series is branching out to middle school and high school students. Through a partnership with the College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources (CTAHR), Maui County Farm Bureau Ag Awareness Day occurs annually for fifth graders island wide. In addition, through a partnership with Maui Economic Development Board, Maui County Farm Bureau works with students at Maui intermediate and high schools in a program.

Why we do it: To introduce children to the vital role of agriculture in daily life. Taught by Maui County Farm bureau board members and community volunteers, Ag in the Classroom may just plant a seed in our keiki that a career in agriculture is a positive choice, with possibilities ranging from in-the-field management and engineering to environmental and food sciences, biochemistry, agricultural economy, technology, research and public policy.

Ag In The ClassroomWhat is next: Maui Economic Development Board has teamed with Maui County Farm Bureau to establish a certification program that introduces Maui’s school teachers to the many opportunities of viable careers in ag, titled Educate the Educator. Throughout the year, MEDB works closely with teachers to plan field trips, in-class farmer presentations, and they organize use of resource tools including GPSs, microscopes and more.

In partnership with UH-Maui and Maui Economic Development Board, Maui Couty Farm Bureau hosts an annual Maui Ag Industry Day at the UH-Maui campus. Here is a day for Maui County students in ag programs across the county and at the UH-Maui campus to come together to learn more about ag, to meet the farmers/ranchers, educators and allies.

Ag In The ClassroomIn addition, Maui County Farm Bureau networks with the College of Tropical Ag and Human Resources (CTAHR) and the Maui School Garden Network to fund school garden programs in Maui schools.

In a second partnership with Maui County Office of Economic Development, Maui County Farm Bureau presents the annual Maui County Agricultural Festival, a signature day-long event every first Saturday in April packed with activities and entertainment. It’s the place to meet our farmers and ranchers, and to taste and buy Maui-grown. (See Maui County Ag Festival page.)

Join us! We’re always looking for passionate community members to help us with our Ag in the Classroom initiatives. Email info[at]kauhaneinc[dot]com if you would like to volunteer in-class or at the annual field trip.