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In light of confirmation of a Rat Lungworm case on Oahu in August, 2017, HFB is sharing the following updated information on the disease and its prevention.

The source of the individual’s infection is not yet known. This is the first case on Oahu since 2010. As you know, the disease is caused by the parasitic nematode Angiostrongylus cantonesis, which can be transmitted to produce by certain organisms like snails and slugs.

It is a good time to make sure your farm is in order.

Here is a CHECKLIST to quickly determine that all bases are covered.

Communication between you and your vendors/customers is key. Let them know what you do and the care you take to prevent rats, slugs and snails on your farm. We have attached a template for you to help communicate with your vendors. To those selling directly to customers, remind them to wash REGARDLESS of where they purchase their produce or pick them from their gardens.

Please find more information about the disease and management practices at the links and websites below.

http://hfbf.org/hfbf-update- on-rat-lungworm/
​http://manoa.hawaii.edu/ ctahr/farmfoodsafety/rat- lungworm/

Hawaii Maui Rat Lungworm Disease Info

Hawaii Maui Rat Lungworm Disease Info


Hawaii Maui Rat Lungworm Disease Info

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Rat Lungworm Disease Info

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Rat Lungworm Disease Information

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