Meet Gerry Ross – A Maui County Farm Bureau Volunteer

Gerry Ross, Kupa‘a Farm, MauiFor more than 20 years Gerry Ross worked as a Canadian geologist. Then about ten years ago, he changed careers and “reformatted” himself as a Maui farmer.

Ross, a partner in Kupa’a Farms, grows vegetables, tropical fruits and award winning coffee on 14 acres in Lower Kula.

He is also a Maui County Farm Bureau volunteer who enjoys visiting 2nd grade classrooms throughout Maui and helping youngsters make the connection between seeds and that food that comes from them.

Last year Ross and other Farm Bureau volunteers visited more than 50 classes to talk about “Where Would We Be Without Seeds?”.

“What we try to do,” Ross said, “is help kids make the connection between seeds and the food they eat. Today there’s a big disconnect between the farmer and the consumer. Young kids sometimes think food comes from the grocery store. Often they don’t really get that it comes from the farm. We also want them to understand that there are a lot of good career opportunities in agriculture.”

Ross finds the most satisfying part of the volunteer assignment is the “enthusiasm of the kids. I think they like it, they learn something and I think even their teachers learn something too.”

Contact info:
Gerry Ross partner in Kupa’a Farm, volunteer in the Ag in the Classroom program sponsored by the Maui County Farm Bureau.

Phone: 808-876-0678

Are you a Maui farmer? We are actively seeking volunteers to participate in this and other Maui County Farm Bureau educational programs. Contact us if you’re interested.