HOFA Workshop on Labeling Products Organic

With growing concerns about health issues and wholesome organic foods, Hawaii is experiencing a large influx of imported and locally grown certified organic products in the market place. Since the enactment of the Federal Organic Rule, which has been fully implemented since October 2002, there have been many questions and concerns raised regarding the laws protecting the use of the term ‘organic’. Some of the questions that have been directed to Hawaii Organic Farmers Association (HOFA) by producers, retailers, and wholesalers of natural food products are, ‘What has to be certified organic?’ ‘When is the Small Farm Exemption applicable?’, and ‘What are the different categories of organic labeling; 100% organic vs. “made with organic ingredients”?’

With partial funding from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, HOFA has designed a workshop to educate retailers, wholesalers, and farmers market vendors of natural/organic food products on compliance with labeling standards developed by the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP). Workshops will cover how to get certified organic, who is exempt from certification and how to properly label and display organic products. Anyone who sells or distributes products with ‘organic’ on the label such as organic produce, bulk goods, meat, prepared foods, and prepackaged groceries, may have questions about the Federal Organic Rule. This workshop will answer questions about organic labeling and help ensure that your business is in compliance. Each participant will receive a packet of valuable reference materials and worksheets for each topic covered in the workshop.