Fresh and Local Matter

Buy Local

To ensure the well-being of today’s generations, we need to preserve agriculture now. Together we can make a difference.

Ask for it by name. Is it Grown on Maui?

Bryan T. Otani, 4th generation farmer, Otani Farm“People want and need to eat locally grown fresh vegetables. I would like to see agriculture become a bigger part of the community as far as developmental plans are concerned.”– Bryan T. Otani, 4th generation farmer, Otani Farm.

Ray Yamamoto, Store Manager, Longs Drug Stores, Pukalani Branch“Longs Drug Stores have always supported the local community in their products and services. The freshness and great quality is bar none, superior over produce and meats imported from the mainland.” – Ray Yamamoto, Store Manager, Longs Drug Stores, Pukalani Branch. Established in Hawai‘i in 1954, the first Maui store opened in Kahului in 1971. Longs Drug Store islandwide, provided kama‘aina and visitors access to quality, local produce and products.

Pomai Weigert, Ali‘i Kula Lavender“We are in the ag business because we value the lifestyle and the beauty it provides. We envision agriculture on Maui as a vibrant, viable industry and part of that is to keep the money in the community, on the island and in the state. Support local farmers and agri-tourism operations.” – Pomai Weigert, MCFB Next Generation Farmer, Ali‘i Kula Lavender. Ali‘i Kula Lavender is perfectly located at 4000 ft. elevation and home to more than 55000 lavender plants and 45 varieties of lavender, olive trees and more on 10.5 acres.

Chef Mark Ellman, Mala, an Ocean Tavern, Mala Wailea and Honu Maui“Buying local keeps commerce within the community, you get what you want by going to the source. Having the same goals and needs, friendships develop with farmers, livestock owners, fishermen, and other business people in your community. You can see each other at a market or bar, and know that you are helping each other.” – Mark Ellman, Chef/Restauranteur and Practitioner of Aloha,  Mala Ocean TavernMala Wailea, and Honu Maui.

Chef Jenna Haugaard, Flatbread Company“For Flatbread buying local is the obvious choice. It is better for our community, better for the environment and healthier for us. Buying locally produced foods also taste better because they are fresher and grown here on our beautiful island.” – Jenna Haugaard, General Manager, Flatbread Company, 2010 Recipient of the Maui County Farm Bureau’s Friend of Agriculture Award presented at the ‘Aipono Awards by Maui Nō Ka ʻOi Magazine.

Teena and Craig Rasmussen, Paradise Flower Farms, Inc.“Hawaii grows the most beautiful flowers on the planet—we feel blessed to be a part of this industry. To us, buying local means buying fresh! Flowers last longer so you’re ultimately making a value-conscious purchase. Buying local preserves agriculture tradition, keeps agricultural lands green and productive and allows irrigation systems used for agriculture to replenish the aquifers.” – Teena and Craig Rasmussen, Paradise Flower Farms, Inc., a locally-owned company celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2009.

Claire Sullivan, Community and Vendor Relations Coordinator, Whole Foods Market“There are many great reasons to buy food grown and made in Hawai‘i. Not only does the choice ensure that you and your family enjoy the freshest fare available, it also helps perpetuate Hawai‘i’s verdant landscapes and the character of our rural areas.” – Claire Sullivan, Community and Vendor Relations Coordinator, Whole Foods Market.

Chef Peter Merriman“It’s not because I am so idealistic, but simply because it’s good business. The reality is that everything we grow here can be grown elsewhere probably more cheaply, but everything we grow here is better quality.” – Peter Merriman, Hula Grill, Friend of Ag winner, 2007.

James "Kimo" Falconer, President, MauiGrown Coffee, Inc.™“Buying local not only helps sustain our Maui economy by supporting local farmers, but you also enjoy a fresher product with a fresher taste. Its quality that you can taste and what makes Maui nō ka ʻoi (the best).” – James “Kimo” Falconer, President, MauiGrown™ Coffee, Inc.

Mike Abreu, 3rd generation cattleman“I have the best job in the world caring for livestock at Haleakala Ranch. The animals are raised in a clean, stress-free environment. I’m honored to be a part of the island’s ranching heritage.” – Mike Abreu, 3rd generation cattleman. In 2004 Haleakala Ranch introduced a multi-species grazing experiment. Today this project serves as a model of sustainable agricultural practice. Haleakala Ranch is an owner/partner of Maui Cattle Company. It brings island-grazed all natural beef to island tables. Products are free of growth stimulants, antibiotics and chemicals, dry-aged and contains vitamins E and A, Linoleic and Omega 3 fatty acids and is lean, tender and flavorful.

Geoff Haines, Co-owner, Pacific Produce, Inc./Waipoli Hydroponic Greens“A huge mahalo to all of our local customers on Maui and Oahu. Our goal is consistency and quality and our reward is your consistent support of our business.” – Geoff Haines, Co-owner, Pacific Produce, Inc./Waipoli Hydroponic Greens.